Bed Bugs

Prevention & Treatment

  • We use effective water-based and eco-friendly bedbugs mist. After thorough inspections, we spray your premises strategically, avoiding places that could potentially damage the furniture.

Bed bugs and dust mites are not the same thing. Bed bugs are parasitic, nocturnal insects that consume the blood of warm-blooded mammals.

Dust mites are tiny spiders that eat dead skin cells that have been shed. To the naked eye, dust mites are invisible.

Types of Bed Bugs

Cimex Lectularius

Before a blood meal, bed bugs are around 5 to 6 mm long, and they grow to about 7 mm when fully engorged. They are oval in shape, flattened from the rear to the bottom, and with strong, well-developed legs. The wings of bed bugs are absent. Their pointy mouths are designed for sucking and piercing. The colour of adult bed bugs is rusty red-brown. The white or cream-colored eggs gradually get darker as they develop into larvae. Their skin sheds are a lighter brown colour and resemble exoskeletons.

In batches of 10 to 50, bed bugs deposit 200–500 eggs over the course of two months. Before depositing eggs, the adult female must consume a blood meal.The eggs can be clustered together and fastened to furniture or fixtures by a translucent material. They are typically placed in cracks and crevices. From egg to fully grown adult, which can take 45 days or up to a year, there are 7 phases in the life cycle.

A bed bug can live for 50 days to more than a year on average, depending on the environment. Without food, they can live for weeks or months.

Bedbugs are drawn to the body heat and carbon dioxide produced by sleeping people and feed on human blood. When doctors penetrate the skin, they administer an anaesthetic, allowing the bite to go unnoticed at first. In order to be close to people for feeding, they are located in cracks and crevices, headboards, under peeled wallpaper, cracked plaster, light switches, beneath carpets and skirting boards, etc. Just before dawn, bed bugs typically come to their host to feed on blood. They move rapidly and give off an odour when startled

Signs of Bed Bugs infestation

Small reddish-brown faecal patches on beds, furniture, or walls are the most obvious sign of bed bugs. If these spots are discovered, an infestation may exist. Bed bugs can also be identified by bites on the arms and legs. Even though these bites may be minor, they become obvious if they enlarge and start to itch. These bites may not show up for two to three days, which allows the infestation to spread. However, without more bed bug proof, bites by themselves do not suggest an infestation.

Bed bug moult skins, their eggs, empty eggshells, or even the bugs themselves can be used to spot infestations. Even though each of these objects is relatively little, the human eye can nevertheless see them.

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