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Why hire a professional when i can do it myself?
Bugs and other pests are a tenacious group that may find shelter and entry points in seemingly inaccessible areas. A trained exterminator or pest control specialist can advise you on the best action to follow to avoid or eliminate unwanted pests. Not only that but pesticides can only be used by trained professionals who have obtained the necessary licences.
What Do I Need to Do Before Pest Control Comes?
  • Clutter-free and clean home to ensure smooth operation
  • Check for pest hideout areas
  • Vacuum and mop your place
  • Store foods in refrigerators to avoid being exposed to chemicals
  • Those who have children should keep mattresses, toys, and other items in a covered places
  • Pack away your clothes in the dresser
  • When Can I Clean After Pest Control?
    Usually 1 day after any treatment. Discuss with your technician.
    How Long Does Pest Control Take?
    On average, it takes within an hour for our team to complete a service, depending on the severity of the case.
    What should I do when we find out termites in the premise.
    Do not spray or touch, call the professional immediately.
    Can insect spray kill termites?
    A few hundred termites might be killed by prolonged spraying with fly spray, but with a termite queen laying up to 4,000 eggs per day, it will take just a few hours to replace those termites the fly spray has eradicated. The problem with using fly spray is that you will only ever kill those termites you can see.
    Is Pest Control Safe for Kids and Pets?
    We prioritize the health and safety of our clients. Therefore, the supplies we use are environmentally friendly. Our technicians have received extensive training according to the industry safety regulations and guidelines.
    Should I Leave During Exterminator Treatment?
    It depends on the service. In some treatments and cases, it requires you to leave the house.
    What Products Does Pestguard Solution Use?
    Pestguard Solution uses ecologically safe insecticides and supplies in our pest extermination to ensure the health and safety of our customers.
    What type of pest control service I need when I just bought a new house?
    This is the good time to do termite prevention application (Drilling). It involve drilling and termicides injection into the foundation of your premise.
    What should I do if MPSJ required us to have a pest control certificate in order to start my business.
    In order to have the Pest Control Certificate, it is required to sign up a minimum of 1 year General Pest Package, MPSJ need to ensure that your business premise get pest control service regularly

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